Vin Diesel height is 6 feet 0 inch / 182.88 centimeters

Vin Diesel normal weight is 98-100 Kgs / 216.05-220.46 lbs


Vin Diesel is an American actor, director and film producer. His birth name is Mark Sinclair Vincent. He was born on 18th July 1967 in New York. He gained fame after his commercially successful movies like The Fast and the Furious, xXx etc. At the age of seven he made his stage debut through play Dinosaur Door.   Diesel is noted for his deep voice. In an interview he said that his voice broke naturally at 15.

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14 Responses to Vin Diesel height and weight – How tall

  1. Jennifer says:

    Vin is so freakin hot, sexy and fine!!! Wish i cud meet him. Wen I wud b intimate with my ex I wud keep Vin in my mind just to get thru it. Thats y hes my ex!!! Lol!!

  2. Mandy Burton-Hville TN says:

    All I have to hear is his voice and my knees go weak. I love Vin Diesel.. Just an all around bad guy, but with a huge heart… He plays his role very well as Dom in the F&F series. Its either because of his great acting or he can relate to his role in some way. He is all about family in those movies, I truely believe he is like that in real life, at least I hope so…
    Keep up the great work Vin. Looking forward to Fast 6…

    I never got into racing movies and cars until the F&F movies… It’s all because of you Vin… Thanks for that…

  3. Gabriel O. Revita says:

    Vin Diesel have a good quality of voice us he looks! good luck for your Fast and Furious 6.

  4. Thales says:

    pls tell me know why Chea Vibol so fat now??? I love him when he act in Golden Butterfly, so young, handsome and manly, but now he look so fat, old .

  5. Destini says:

    Vin Diesel is so fine. Its to bad he has that model chick.! ;( If he didnt i would totally try my luck.! ;)

  6. vivek says:

    there is only one vin diesel and he will always be the one……..

  7. saddam hussain says:

    you are a brilliant actor 4 me forever , bro. i like ur attitude and ur nature , m biggest fan of ur .. . . . . gud luck 4 next film bro. if possible plz mail me

  8. perfect personality says:

    Vin diesel is the only icon for the hard core guys

  9. kashyap vyas says:

    vin diesel is so good looking in fast 5

  10. Mentari Fajar says:

    so much hefty & well builded in actual appearance likes a great indian lion; need a great effort to have an appearance likes that

  11. adriana says:

    He is one hot sexy man. His voice and his body stracture is by far unexplainable to describe but easy to admire. His way too yummy!!

  12. jordyn says:

    wow you are so tall compared to me you are hot to my mom is practically in love withe you badly

  13. Karen says:

    Vin Diesel sure is a fine specimen of the male race!

  14. BRITTANY says:


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