Pooja Batra height and weight – How tall

Pooja Batra Height is 5 feet 9 inches / 175.26 centimeters

Pooja Batra normal weight is 64-66 Kgs / 141.10-145.51 lbs

Pooja Batra was born on 27 Oct 1973 in Faizabad , India. She is an Indian actress and model.  Her father Ravi Batra served Indian  army in India and Pakistan war in 1972. Her mother Neelam Batra was a former Miss India in 1971. She was a good athlete in college days and competed in running. She holds MBA degree. She wanted to koin Indian Air Force but landed in film industry.  She started modelling in her young age only. Her initial hit commercial was Liril soap ad.  She won Miss India title in 1993.  Pooja Batra is one of the good actresses in bollywood. She has very good height in bollywood film industry. She is taller than Aishwarya Rai 5’7, Kajol 5’5″, Madhuri Dixit 5’5″ and she is equal to Sushmita Sen. She is one among the tollest girls in bollywood.

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  1. shes not best if not greatest of all time but sushmita is a much bet then pooja and deepika much more hot’re sushmita.

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