Mark Wahlberg height and weight – How tall

Mark Wahlberg height is 5 feet 8.5 inches / 173.99 centimeters

Mark Wahlberg normal weight is 74-79 Kgs / 163.14-174.17 lbs


Mark Wahlberg an American actor, former rapper and producer. He was born on 5th June 1971 in the Dorchester. His full name is Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg . As a teenager, Wahlberg was charged of many crimes including  violence and vandalism. His elder brother Donnie Wahlberg was already a celebrity when he entered music band .  In 1993 he began his  acting career, through  TV movie The Substitute. He is actively involved in charity through his  “Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation” established in 2001 .

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  2. Hi congrats on the fighter!! Gave me confidence to get back into boxing and get in great shape!!

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