Lil Wayne height is 5 feet 5.5 inches / 165.10 centimeters

Lil Wayne normal weight is 61-66 Kgs / 134.48-145.51 lbs

Lil Wayne performs as the headliner for the 11th Annual BMI Atla

Lil Wayne, is an American rapper. Lil Wayne is stage name of Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.. He was born on 27th Sep 1982. Formerly Lil Wayne  was a member of the Hot Boys rap group. His solo debut Tha Block is Hot, was released in1999. His major works are Tha Carter, Tha Carter II, Tha Carter III etc. He dropped out of school at age 14.  He has been arrested for use or possession of marijuana and other drugs in 2007.

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31 Responses to Lil Wayne height and weight – How tall

  1. Dzonaa says:

    I’m 5’6 and i’m only 11 years old :P

  2. Leonah Carter says:

    Ima marry lil Wayne ..sumday….

  3. eddie says:

    wezzy best rapper

    i got the same height n weight :D

  4. shishir says:

    best rapper alive.

  5. tejwinder says:

    1 of ma fav. rapper…..

  6. Ronald aka Cuba says:

    Lil wayne you should dress better…like Pitbull…maybe even like Akon, Usher…..your music is cool but dude lift those pants please. peace out

  7. YM Babyy ;) says:

    i love you weeezy ♥ you’re amazing and i respect you so so much. your music is inspiring and i hope you come to aus one day, i wanna meet you so bad!! plus you aint any shorter than me so dw, all them saying your short are just jealous :) lots of lovee xo

  8. jabari says:

    lil wayne you are my favorite rapper. I basically look up to you.

  9. Jasmine says:

    Wow…he’s little

  10. amanuel desalegn says:

    weezy u are so hot to me i love so much more than i can say and i know one time i will see u in music weezy baby

  11. Jayla says:

    I’m a huge fan. I love your music and your style. You my hero :D

  12. Anoymous says:

    6 Foot, 7 Foot, 8 Foot <3[;

  13. daniel kataw says:

    dont stop the rocking hip hop rap :D lil wayne forever young money

  14. diana23 says:

    Weezy I enjoy ur ur voice and I wouldn’t mind having ur babies.

  15. Asa N.Washington says:

    Patterson Ga 31557

  16. SMIG....F.....BABE says:

    u r the best rapper alive

  17. Rachel says:

    Lil Wayne your hot, I love your music. Im a big fan

  18. Christof says:

    Eminem is so much better

  19. bostoncelticsfan08 says:

    lil wayne! i want to see you fight a rapper of a simular hieght and weight. i want to get hip hop artist to fight eachother in the octagon! help my cause

  20. yo mom says:

    ur short

  21. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I truely am your biggest fan. I will kill someone to meat you. You have the sexiest looks, voice and everything. I love you lil waynee <33
    PS bloods all dayy. :D

  22. marlon says:

    wow dude u really got it goin on i mean i no u dont need me 2 tell u that but ur music ur style ur voice its just all great im a BIG fan i mean 99% of my ipod is u so ur just great

  23. Dagmawi says:

    Wezzy im a big fan of ur works … they are touching , ur confidence never wipes… my favourite

  24. ,jgu says:

    lil wayne круче всех на свете

  25. Josh says:

    I luv ur songs

  26. Malz says:

    Lil Wayne-you are a god.a legend.a myth.u r impossible. ilove everything bout ya, and your music is da best no matta wha. and damn, u got it goin on. hawtest man alive, weezy baby ;)

  27. CaptianRay says:

    U should make music without using the f word. I’m not allowed 2 hav explicate music. PS wat do u tink of flo rida?

  28. BIG J DUBIE says:

    Lil wayne you’re short, but you are hot, my biffle across tha hall wants your babies.

  29. Miguel Galeano says:

    Lil Wayne,I’m 1 of ur biggest fan… really like u ‘n’ ur music 2…

  30. Ashley Fertic says:

    Lil Wayne, You’re My Hero. I Look Up To You, And Respect You.

  31. keston says:

    wats up blood i wat to be just like you so soo woop

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