Kristen Stewart height and weight – How tall

Kristen Stewart height is 5 feet 6 inches / 167.64 centimeters

Kristen Stewart normal weight is 47-49 Kgs / 103.62-108.03 lbs


Kristen Stewart was born on 9th April 1990 in Los Angeles, California. She is a film and television actress. Her father  is a television producer who has worked for Fox. Her mother  is a script supervisor.  She has an older brother, Cameron Stewart. She stated in an interview : “I want to go to college for literature. I want to be a writer. I mean, I love what I do, but it’s not all I want to do — be a professional liar for the rest of my life.”  She is a guitar player and singer.

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  1. For those of you that can’t understand why the weight is so low you also have to consider the fact that she has a small frame size which means you can minus 10% from her ideal weight. So in other words if you have a medium frame she would be about 54 kg in comparison

  2. wow……..kristen, i just lyk you……no words to describe you……ur zust amazing.

  3. i am 5’4″ and more beautiful than her. I have right curves and weight.shes beautful too but not more than me

  4. kristen.. you are so good.. n talented .. ilove you.. i wish i cud tell you..
    u mean to me a lot…
    i want to b like you..
    u r such a nice actress.. n above all a nice human being.. may god bless you… n i love u the way u are. :-) 😉

  5. you are sooooo and robert look amazing together,always be together.

  6. Kristen is so tiny like me I am 5 foot 2 and weigh 96 lbs.But in only 15 so.yea. She is my role model.she is a beautiful woman that I look up to very much. :) her and Rob look great together!

  7. I love Kristine Stuart. U r like my idol! Nd damn ur skinnier than I thought! I luv twilight it’s like my favorite movie in the whole wide world. I wish I can meet u one day. U don’t understand how much of an inspiration u r to me. U have such an amazing talent and you r very beautiful! Luv ya girrl 😀

  8. oops here says she is so skinny than i thought. she looks stunning, i am so crazy about her.the way she is talking is just cool this is what i like the most about her.

  9. How come there is no consideration of grammar in almost all of these comments? I mean, if you love Kristen so much you would see that she wants to be a writer, and if your grammar grosses me out, I’m sure it grosses her out as well.

  10. hey! my dear love plz approach me at leAST ONE TIME ……………
    i really luv u……………
    means i dont have words to say but plz understand ………………
    missing u 24*7………
    You r my beloved…………..
    Truly i can give up my life with a smile on my face jst for u baby…………….

  11. My god she z so gorgeious…………
    oh god help me to marry with her……….
    i m a great fan of her……….

  12. She is a very pretty girl, her hair is gorgous. I thought she was taller then 5’6. She’s two years older then me but one inch shorter then me. Lol. I do my makeup and hair like her everyday but her beauty is hard to replicate. And she is like 30 pounds lighter then me, I thought I was skinny but she looks so healthy. Anyways she’s beautiful and is a cool person.
    Love u Kristen!!!!

  13. OMG!! She’s gorgeous!! I really like her…She’s sooo sweet!!! ;))) She’s the perfect couple with with Rob Pattz… Both beautiful and adorable!!! ;)xD

  14. i love her she is beautiful, funny, sweet, down to earth, real, talented and she is the perfect bella like she trips over everything its so adorable and i cant get over how gorgeous she is she is my role model i want to be like her soo much and i wish i could look like her

  15. omg i luve her so much!! she is so beautiful and is my reason to become an actress!! she is my favorite female actress EVER!!!

  16. I like Kristen Stewart. She is a fantastic actress and good at really getting into the character she plays. I hope she does follow her dream of doing literature at college. Yes, acting is professional lying, it is pretending to be someone you’re not and that’s not easy but she pulls it off really well. Best wishes for your future Kristen in everything you do.

  17. hi kris , i love your talent and beauty .i always remember u while getting up in the morning and before going to sleep everyday.this is your time of from me . may god bless you.

  18. i think that kstew is a beautiful and a dedicated (not to mention an intelligent one) person. Thanksto her, ive had many great movie moments nd her aspiration for education inspierd me for more of my own achievements! Thank you Kristen! Eres hermosa! Oh, nd ur bf is soooo admirable! Great taste!=D

  19. She’s pretty cool… But I thought taht she weights at least like maybe 50 kg but she pretty skinny.. She quite pretty and talented

  20. oh! i thought she might have been 5 feet 8 inches or something. well i’m happy cause i’m waaaay taller than her! i’m 5 feet 10 inches!

  21. Iove kristen very,very much. She’s the most beautiful girl in the world. I want to be like her!

  22. I’m 13 years old
    and kristen as tall as me.
    I thought she more higher than me.
    what ever. she still GORGEOUS! even she as tall as me.

  23. i see ur movis and u always is perfect and beauty .and u must be happy coz u have nice face and anything i dream is actor like u maybe with u but it a impossible.thankx bye

  24. Ok fine… yes shes pretty we all get that. She SUCKS at her job tho. i mean…couldnt they have pcked out a better bella? Whenever kristen talks she soud soooo bored…

  25. if thats what she weights then she is very skinny.. but she looks healthy! it does not look like amy winehouse or something..btw A.W is cool as well 😛

  26. Love Kristen, she is soooo pretty. Seems like she weighs more than that tho….but whatevs she is GORGEOUS!

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