Katrina Kaif Height is 5 feet 8 inches / 172.72 centimeters

Katrina Kaif normal weight is 58-60 Kgs / 127.87-132.28 lbs

Katrina Kaif was born on 16th july  in Hong Kong. She is an Indian actress and model. She appeared in Hindi, Malayalam , Telugu films. Her father  Mohammed Kaif is an Indian and mother Suzzane is a British. Her parents are now separated. She started modelling at the age of 14. Her bollywood debut was Boom in 2003. Her initial succesful movies are Sarkar, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, Namastey London etc. Katrina Kaif was voted Asia’s Sexiest women in 2008. She is pretty tall as she is from modeling. Recent days she doing great in bollywood industry.

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  1. rimsha says:

    i am rimsha i’m 12 year old im big fan of u i love u soo much i miss u soo much plz come in pakistan in sialkot…i really want to meet u……..plzzz my love plzz come :( ….take care…

  2. rohit says:

    you want to make a flim without all clothes

  3. rohit says:

    i love u katrina kaif

  4. simra riaz says:

    hi katrina i love ur acting sooooo much u make a good pair with salman i live in england and my birthday is coming up my party is in the grand exhibition hall in hexam i would reall love it if you could cum and perform on chikni chameli with my cousin danish and anika and meee.

  5. NICKYKHAN says:

    hey katrina is so nyc n cute but watch actresses without makeup:-D but kareena is more beautiful than katrina

  6. dharti says:

    my fav one …katrina i meet u

  7. toushif says:

    Hi katrina! You r so beautiful & cute.like million youngers you live in my heart & i hope will meet one time in the life then i want to hold your hand kiss. hey katrina leave salmaan,&merry with me,good luck with lots of love.ummaah

  8. Puja roy says:

    Hey ktrina u r one of the most beautiful lady on earth. Your everything is full of beauty bcoz of god gift. I m thnkful to god that such a gorgeous lady exist in our india. U r the pride of our country. I like ur every thing especially ur innocent nature. U r having divine beauti or simply say that diva of the bollywood. And dont pressurise ur mind for any decision of ur life. I always pray that ur beauty exist for whole life. May god gives u all happiness nd prosperity in ur life. Love u nd take care of urself

  9. maheema says:

    hi katrina! u was best but now vidhya is the best
    sry :-)

  10. shriya says:

    hi Katrina, you correct for model

  11. khushbu says:

    hi……kat plz i want to meet u yar….
    nahi to plz mujhe cl karana this is my mob no.9890889460 plz yar such a truly suprize me…………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. khushbu says:

    hi……………… kat…..
    i like ur dancing style in chikni chameli.and i like u plz open my profile and read this msg plz i wnt to meet u

  13. u r more beautiful than a sindrella! says:

    u r more beautiful than a sindrella

  14. nosheen says:

    hi katrina…u r beautifull more than all actress but your acting izz not too good yaar….kareena kapoor’s acting fab than you…sorrry to say but its true..i think u r in this industry just b,cuz of ur beauty and ur friendship with solman khan…but you have broken his heart very badly before to come in this industry.

  15. muhammad irfanr says:

    hi katrina i like u very much.u are so cute and tall.i want to meet u.all of best for u in future

  16. neelam says:

    you look so sexy

  17. Sexy + Gorgeous pic.....jus luvin it says:

    Sexy + Gorgeous pic…..jus luvin it<3<3

  18. neha says:

    katrina, your sexy

  19. Sara says:

    God,i think you’re the most most most, ,desirable,gorgeous ,stunning,charming,, and most prettiest lady in this world,universe…
    kat mam i am just 13 year old girl….but crazy for u since i was 9 years,,,i saw u for the very first time and got in love with u…
    Gosh u r so so innocent,,,i luv u frm the core of my heart
    gud luck for ur future
    and may God bless u in every walk og life

  20. zohaibjaved says:

    hi katrina i love u so much i am in pakistan very far but still i want 2 meet u and i will if u open this page in for life plz this i my e mail u should reply me and then i will show that how much i like u if u dont reply i will be there 2 meet u live long long life and always be happy because i love the way u simles:zohaibjaved777@yahoo.com

  21. manish kumar says:

    Hi myself manish,
    There are many actress in industry but i watch more and more movies of katrina kaif.
    Her personality is beautiful .
    Her smile,acting everything is too beautiful.
    There is a movie of katrina kaif name humko deewana kar gaye is too beautiful i like it .

  22. kachhadiya_gaurav@yahoo.in says:

    i no. you are the best…………. i like your dance……….. you are sweet smile and you…………. you are my favorite actress……….. i like u very much………….i am bigfan katrina kaif………… you are beautiful………………. you liked -> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(kachhadiya_gaurav@yahoo.in),,,,,,,,,,,,, plzzzzzz answer iss id pe muje answer

  23. Gunjan says:

    Katrina’s the best and will be forever :)

  24. mohit kumar says:

    i love u dear kat

  25. joveria says:

    katrina you are the best in the world

  26. esha says:

    hi katrina.i m yor biggest fan.i just wish if i could meet u.

  27. arsalan says:

    hi kat ilike u 2 much

  28. Meghna says:

    I like ur attitude,ur sweet smile and u…



  30. hi says:

    love u jan

  31. hi says:

    u are so so so beautiful

  32. subham says:

    i liky you kat

  33. ahsank says:

    hy kat i l0ve u jan

  34. aadya says:

    katrina is very beautiful but she doesent knows how to act so she is not good

  35. Precious diamond says:

    Hii,kat…hpe u r doing gr8t…jst wana tel ya zat u r ze best n zat i really like u dr…wish u all ze best..

  36. MATHAN says:

    Hai kat,u r the beautiful girl in this world.I LOVE U so much.

  37. katrina says:

    i l0ve u 2 ahsank jan i als0 cant leave with0ut u

  38. ahsank says:

    hell0 katrina i l0ve u really i m crazy f0r u because u r beauty queen in the w0rld i kiss 0n y0ur sexy lips

  39. ahsank says:

    hell0 katrina kaif i am y0ur very very big fan i really l0ve u i want t0 meet u and kiss$$$$$ u and 0ne night with y0u i can’t leave with0ut u i realy l0ve u kat jan and u d0nt marry with salman salman is n0t g00d f0r u please give me ur cellph0ne num and chat with me take care

  40. SHAHID KHAN says:


  41. Anjalika Arora says:

    Katrina, I really admire you and you are without any doubt extremely pretty.
    Your my favorite actress and I love watching you. God bless you :)

  42. sania rao says:

    u r one of my fans
    did u remember me

  43. sania rao says:

    u r one of my fans

  44. kapil says:

    katrina plz salman se shadi kar lo he is a good man usne tumhara carrier bana diya aur tum uska ahsan bhul gai this is not good

  45. tanaya says:

    Hi katrina
    how r u
    what is your phone no
    give me please.

  46. tanveera says:

    hiiiiiiii katrina you dint replyyyyyy i wanted toooo ask is mere brother ki dulhan movei new byeee

  47. tanveera says:

    willl you reply on this comment your birthday is on the 16th of july my mothers birthday is on the 17th of july and my on the 27th julyyyyyy i am your biggesttttttttttt fannnn i want to meet you

  48. Amit kumar says:

    u r my favorite actress.

  49. Amit kumar says:

    u r my favorite actress and i like u very much.thank u.

  50. ZAINAB says:

    hi katy i am your biggest fan i love uuuuuuu soooooooo much uuuuuu rrrrr sooooooo cute and gorgeous lookin may god give u a success in ur every steps ur life ,,,…..

  51. Mahesh kumar says:

    kait… is very BEAUTIFUL &TALENTED actress

  52. Don says:

    I like your lips i love you

  53. iqbaljaveed says:

    Katrina my grilfriend same to u……….

  54. katrina says:

    and my weight is 56kgs

  55. Junaid says:

    Hii Katrina !!!
    H R U ?>?
    i m ur biggest fan :!:
    i love u ”’
    i want to meet u and KISS u {}{}{}{}}[][]]][][]

  56. gunjan says:


  57. Sharanya Thanabalan says:

    Katrina is taller than my parents even though they are older. I wish I was your height!

  58. QASIM says:


  59. QASIM says:


  60. katrina says:

    THAT’s very good fari

  61. katrina says:

    thanks very much

  62. charvi says:

    ur acting is superb

  63. charvi says:

    u r gorgeous

  64. charvi says:

    i want to become star like u

  65. charvi says:

    i want to become famous as u

  66. wasim says:

    i love you and miss you

  67. arun says:

    hi katrina u are the beautiful lady in the world
    please send your photos in my
    email id mahesh_coleman100@yahoo.com

  68. mayank says:

    hi i love u
    u are very sexiest lady bey

  69. mayank says:

    hi ilove u

  70. simran says:

    Hii! you are really superb. I like you very very very very much. I called on your mobile but it’s always switch off. Please switch on your mobile there are many surprises waiting for you.

  71. ds says:

    katrina is very greedy and is like a chameleon!!!!!! kabhi ranbir toh kabhi salman .UFFFFFFF!!!!!!1

  72. maida sahi says:

    hi dear i want to do sm work with u in any film.join me yar

  73. maida sahi says:

    slam i like u sweet heart.aowsem u r.

  74. yumna sahi says:

    hi sweet beauty.u r superb.like u vry much

  75. yumna sahi says:

    hi sweet lady me luv u so much.

  76. maida sahi says:

    hi beautiful babes me love u alot and looks just like u.

  77. MANISH KUMAR says:


  78. Sharanya Thanabalan says:

    Katrina Kaif looks beautiful and pretty in many movies. However, she doesn’t have any boyfriend or husband yet. Because if she has, he will scold her as much as he want!

  79. sohela barbie says:

    i like u kat i m ur frnd
    mai bilkul tumhari tahan hn hhahaha

  80. ali shan says:

    i love u kat

  81. deepak reddy says:

    u r looking gorgeous
    and cute darling

  82. deepak reddy says:

    u r looking gorgeous darling

  83. Arfa says:

    Hiiiiii…… katrina u r so beautiful and talented u r beautiful lady of the world its my wish 2 meet with u.

  84. mano says:

    Hi katrina i am biggest fan of you r so beautiful and so talented i now
    u r awarded for beautiful lady of the world

  85. Aryan says:

    Katrina mujhe aap bahut achhchhi lagati ho par dukha hai ki aap britishian ho.

  86. anamika sharma says:

    i like u most.everyone says to that m look like katrina b’coz m 5 feet 6:30inch m slim and myside face is look like u.

  87. kunal pattanayak says:

    Hi katrina u are so sexy,realy i miss u yar

  88. hello katrinakaif u r looking like BARBI.i like u. says:

    Aniket Awati

  89. hira warsi says:

    my janu kat i luv u m ur biggest fan in thz whole world i luv uu mmuuuuhhhaa!
    u r so beautifull so,so,so,so,so,so,so,preety girl in thz world i just luv u

  90. hetvi says:


  91. g siva says:

    hai, kaif. i love u so much,u r most beautiful girl i ever seen. superb sexy smile i love that realy

  92. jiah khan says:

    love u kat

  93. jiah khan says:

    hey, kats’ i love so much
    i have seen ur evry movie n i like all of them you r the princess of the world love u so much

  94. rabia says:


  95. jignesh gohil says:

    Katrina kaif is a very sexy lady in world

  96. Keerthan says:

    Hi katrina I want to meet u

  97. Twinkle says:

    u are the beautiful lady in the world.I love u.u are the best.

  98. faryal says:

    hi katrina i love u so much i am in pakistan very far but still i want 2 meet u and i will if u open this page in for life plz this i my e mail u should reply me and then i will show that how much i like u if u dont reply i will be there 2 meet u live long long life and always be happy because i love the way u simles:faryalfaisal@ymail.com

  99. shahtajakhter says:

    hi!…………i love you too much,sexy……………

  100. Kamal says:

    Hey Katrina U Are So Sweeeeet SO Cuuuuute SO SExy Nd So Beautifull Im A Big Fan OF Ur

  101. Yug says:


  102. sanya says:

    hello i am your biggest fan
    did you know mujha bhi actrees ban na hai
    tum hari tarahe
    ilove youy

  103. nisha says:

    hi katti i m yr chilhood friend remember me?

  104. umair says:

    hey kat i am biggest fan of yours in the world and i like all your movies and i hope you’ll read my message pleasee rply meee ok love youuu and iam from pakistan

  105. Katrina kaif says:

    hi Ali ahmad i too want to kiss you and i too really love you. i love you Ali ahmad. this is my emil address please send me your message. bye

  106. Ali ahmad says:

    hi katrina i want to kiss you and i really love you. i am your boyfriend and i want to you profect me. i love you katrina kaif. bye

  107. Katrina kaif says:

    hi Ali ahmad i too want to kiss you and i too really love you. this is my emil address please send me your message.

  108. zeshan says:

    she is very beautiful i love you katrina aghar tm mere samne hoti to mein ap ke piryarey hontoo pe kissing karta lekin mere apne naseeb she is very sexy most sexy

  109. urooj says:

    i m ur big fan
    u r so cute like barbie dolll

  110. M .zubair (QAU) says:


  111. M .zubair says:


  112. youkta drew swift jain says:

    hey jeni[in ajab prem ki gazab kahani] i luv u.i am ur biggest fan.if u have chance will u come to tirunelveli in tamil nadu.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.i want to see u and get ur autograph

  113. arfan khan says:

    katrina kaif hi you is youre sweet I LOVE YOU KATRINA KAIF

  114. acting says:

    over acting ki dukan,she is cute but not most beautyful in the world,universe & in India

  115. asad says:

    hi kat i love you so much..or main tumhara sab se bara fan hun

  116. hi katrina , i want to have height like you, i admire u very much , u are my role model says:

    hi katrina , i want to have height like you, i admire u very much , u r my role model

  117. mansi says:

    hi i am a baby girl of 2 years i am your smallest fan in this world i love you very much -allthings cutiely bye

  118. mayank soni says:

    i love you

  119. SO SILA says:


  120. jhanvi says:

    katrina!!! i like you very much!! only not i am my family,india likes you. i watch your new film “tees maar khan’. in this film you are looking very beutiful and gorgeous!! i dont miss any film of you.

  121. sana says:

    hi kat im also biggest fan
    fida hooon tujh per meri jaan be panah luv u frm sana.

  122. shashikanthyadav(SKY) says:

    Hi my barbie doll, I love you my dear

  123. udit says:

    Katrina u r da hottest & the sexiest girl. i love u so much

  124. kreti sharma says:

    hey kat,

    u r sooooooo sweet, cute, beautiful, attractive and stylish. U r my favorite
    actress. U r doing very well in ur acting. Ur each and every films r fantastic. U and Ranbir look great together. I am ur biggest fan. I like u very much katrina. God bless you.

  125. katrina shah says:

    Hei KATRINA!
    my name iz als0 katrina n m glad dat ma face has a lil resembleti0n like ur pretty n natural beauty..:)G0D bless u:) lots of love hugs n kisses:¤:¤:¤

  126. shoaib masod says:

    hi kkatti you are so cute whats the secrete of beauty?? jst love my janu.. my janu not u

  127. Renu dulani says:

    My hight is 5’6 n but I m over weight my weight is 68 and I want 2 make my body slim as like you u r my most nd most beautiful actress.. in the world no one like you… I’m ur fan

  128. enayat says:

    hey katrina love u tooo much i am enayat 4rom kabul and i love u toooooo much mmppppaaaa

  129. messi says:

    i wan to kiss you and sex with you
    you looks sex and hot
    I have your Images in my usb
    I Love You

  130. messi says:

    you looks sex
    your hot
    I Love you
    i whan to kiss you

  131. Aakash kumar says:

    Don’t forget it its my whole life in Karishma……..

  132. Aakash kumar says:

    Hi and i luv u so much but i love a girl there name was karishma please help me and support me Ok OK……………

  133. nahid says:

    hi, i m nahid from mumbai. i like u chooooooooo……. much.i like also salman khan, he is very good person & he loves u so much but u never understand his feelings.so, if i heart u than sorryyyyyyyyy.take care by see u & love u

  134. SaHiL says:


  135. Rocky choudhary says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiii? katrina i m your best unseen friend. i like you the most. You are a very good actress. I like you?????????????????

  136. Wildhog says:

    Hi! Katrina i’m ur big fan. Mujhe pata hai ki aap Salman bhai se love karte ho but koi tension nahi agle bari mera naam hoga apke sath.

  137. nav says:

    relax people shes not that pretty they all look good when they r u on tv ita all make up anyway…….she her in the morning when she wake up im sure u will find her ugly thats the way to tell about girl if shes hot or not lol

  138. nadeem says:

    ur nyc overall…:D nd da best part nature is more favourable…

  139. sway says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I think you’re awsome. Youv’ve got sum great movies under your belt, so keep up the good work ;)

  140. tarika says:

    hey even i have the same height……………..

  141. fari says:

    log kehty hain k main ap jaisi dikhti hun thats great na.

  142. naila says:

    hi sexy kat

  143. Hammad says:

    your height and weight are just ideal.I like u very much.

  144. Himanshu says:

    Hi katrina ho r u i like ur fiure, face , u like very hon in tight cloths so pls wear only tight cloths and pls tell me more about u if u like ur fans and i’m one of them.

  145. Sonam says:

    I am not from india but trust me i completely look up to you and your my diva. You are a fresh new face in bollywood and you have what it takes to be a star unlike other bollywood actors.iwouldnt say they are bad but your the best. Firstly your height, good looks, your personality is over the height. I would love to see you one day and take a picture. i am your biggest admirer not in a bad way but a good way. i am almost 5″6″ and i weigh 128. i work out a lot and i try to reach my goal because of celebs like you guys. i wish you luck in your life and yeah your awesome

  146. sanju says:

    katrina is very sweet and bautiful

  147. sanju says:

    katrina is very work hard

  148. SHOAIB RAJA says:


  149. Nauman says:

    hi! katrina kiaf you are so preety women in world . l love you so much and
    one of your biggest fan. love you .bye bye take care.

  150. tayyab says:

    i like ktrina becaeuse she have good personelety

  151. tapasya says:

    hi katrina ,
    you know that my dream is to meet you so please meet meeeeeeeeeeeee i am a big fan of yours.

  152. Heemang says:

    heyy katrina….I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH .m the die hard fan of yours. .you are soooo prettyyy…i love you like hell….i wanna marry you….!!

  153. milan says:

    katrina kaif needs to do films in which she really gets the chance to act.

  154. Riaz says:

    katrina is the best :D im 5’5 (midget) wana be atleast 6’6 lool but ur tall for a girl :)

  155. madhuri t says:

    u r rock star

  156. hey kat u r the best says:


  157. Mohammed Junaid Khan says:

    love u bhabi…

  158. Anna says:


  159. Aroma says:

    Hi Katrina.i always wanted to be like u.i’m tall like u n i like that…………i like your style,ur hair,u i really really like luv u……….

  160. ahmad luvr of sweet katrina says:

    Hi katrina I love you love you love you alooooooooooot. I think more than everything. My email id is ahmadrox55@yahoo.com plz send me your personal cell number. Take care sweetheart. Love you.

  161. rahul kumar says:

    i love u katrina u are like a pari type u are the best beauty in the world

  162. i love u katrina kaif u r like pari says:

    hai katrina

  163. zara says:

    kat u r so gorgeous. i love u so much u r so so nice. u r awesome. u r a diamond among other stars. love u alot

  164. Habeeb = Raichur says:

    Ummido ki shama dil me mat jalana,
    is jahan se alag duniya mat basana,
    aaj bas mood me tha to SMS kar diya,
    par roj intezar me palke mat bichana! Katrina !!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Salina says:




  166. john says:

    super sexyyyyyyyyy

  167. nitesh sukhla says:

    miss u didi

  168. ather ansari says:

    i miss u jaan kati.

  169. Ghazal khan says:

    hey kat sweeeety i love u you are gorgeous and cutest girl in the world

  170. SIMRAN says:

    hey.hi preety barbie how are you?

  171. alla bachi hai says:

    alla hai bht

  172. zainab says:

    hey u’re awessome…I love the way u dress

  173. Navya Sethi says:

    hi katrina … how are u …
    i am your biggest fan .
    u are so sweet . i love u very
    very much . bye

    from navya

  174. ghazal khan says:

    hi i love u i am also tall like u

  175. MEGHA JASMERA says:

    hi barbie, how are u? your smile is so sweet.i love u very much.

  176. VINAY says:


  177. sonia says:

    hi katrina,
    i am ur biggest fan.luv u so much,ur so beautiful and cute.luv ur movies a lot.pls send a msg 4 me on my email id smhm20@gmail.com

  178. sarfraz khan says:

    Hi katrina is it your super duper sexy i very like you and your movies

  179. antara says:

    hey kats,
    i am yr. biggest fan. i saw u in my dreams that i met u and u will be shocked to know that where i met u …. on my roof top (isn’t that funny)i would really like to meet u.

  180. katrina kaif says:

    hi katrina je iam khalid from afghanistan i like u
    ur so much beuty n quet and salam khan baye is also beuty
    ur make for each other
    i will pray u u too ?to be with each other

  181. sonam says:

    hey katrina you r really beautiful and ur hieght is also perfect . well i ve a question who ll u be marrying? i hope someone very nice . u dont need to reply . ok see u

  182. apoorva says:

    hey katrina………..
    u r reallyy chhhoo cute and
    and ur smile is tooo muchhh sweeett…………….
    m a big fan of urs……….

  183. love says:





  184. love says:

    I LOve you. KATRINA

    your frnd DHeeraj

  185. neeloo says:

    hi CUTE catreena iam ur one of the most cute FAN i like ur LIPS n ur style . LOVE U n keep it up bye

  186. kashif khan says:

    i love u katrina i m ur biggest fan.i love u so much.

  187. mohd akbar says:

    hi jannu katrina i like u well u merried me still im waithing for u
    bye i love u youears lovingle akbar

  188. khush says:

    hey kats…u r realli very beautiful…i admire u….

  189. taani says:

    i like your hight

  190. roshan says:

    hi katrina!! i’m your greatest fan. i ususlly see u in my dreams. you are the most beautiful and rising bollywod star!

  191. hafsa says:

    u r so sweet and cute katrina…u r the best actress..i love u katrina…may GOD bless u.. keep working like this..love u so much….

  192. amit says:

    hi katrina iam one of the biggest fan of urs among all ….
    i luv u so much if u really luv ur fans than please mail me in my email id verma.akv.amit@gmail.com

  193. palwasha says:

    katrina i just love you so much…and i m ur biggest fan…u r just so beautiful and u hav got really very attractive looks! love u katti

  194. moulla says:

    hai katti how are you fine ..ilove you katri ..

  195. param says:

    Katrina u r the sexiest woman of the world and i like u the most .U r very beautiful lady i see every film in which u work . I m one of ur biggest fans…..

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