Deepika Padukone height is 5 feet 9 inches / 175.26 centimeters

Deepika Padukone normal weight is 62-64 Kgs / 136.69-141.10 lbs

Deepika Padukone was born on 5th Jan 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She  is an Indian actress and model. Her mother tongue is Konkani. Her father Prakash Padukone, is a retired badminton player.She studied  in Bangalore. Though played badminton at the state level she didn’t take it seriously. Initially she did many commercials for Liril, Dabur Lal , Close-Up, Limca etc. Her debut movie was Kannada film Aishwarya in 2006. Her bollywood debut was Om Shanti Om in 2007 which was ahuge hit of the year. She won Filmfare Best Female Debut Award for Om Shanti Om. Deepika Padukone is basically from Modelling. She is one among the leading actress in bollywood today. She has good height among actresses.

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  1. aishwarya says:

    deepika ur jss awesum… ur gorgeous n stunning.. m a huge fan of urs.. i love u loads.. wanna meet u once..

  2. karan says:

    i want to meet u my dear .you r so smart .please tl me your adress .i want to meet you

  3. Zeest Sohail Khan says:

    You r the most beautiful girl on the earth My lucky charm:) My day goes good when i had a dream about you I go and and give my papers listening to your songs. I love you sooo much surely I’Ll meet you someday:D You looked damn gorgeous In Chandni chowk to china. IAm your biggest se bhi biggest fan:)

  4. Zeest Sohail Khan says:

    Deepika<3 I love you your my lucky charm Believe me when i use to go to give my papers i look at you and go so that my papers go good. when ever i saw you in my dream my day goes Owsum. I am your biggest fan I want to meetmeeetmeeetmeetmeet you.

  5. Pretty says:

    Hey dipz ,,u r one f ma most fvrte actrss. i luv ua dimplez n ua smyl. u luk soooo cute wen u smyl.n YessssssssS u r stylish too,, no one can beat u in styling,,nt evn piggy chopz or kat. n i must say diz 2 u— u r lukng damnnnn hot n sexy in Cocktail. I’m juz w8tng 2 watch diz movie.

  6. Asfi says:

    I lv ur body structure and lv ur hight too ur a lill bit naughty,cuty nd sexy nd u liv the way u r, with your style “FIAMA” was your lucky charm to start ur carrier and u r ma luck charm ))lots of love and hugs…..)

  7. Pretty says:

    U R one of ma most favrte actress. i luv ua dimples n ur smyl.n i must say dis 2 u– u r lukng dammmnnnn hot n sexy in Cocktail.I’m juz w8tng to watch ua movie.

  8. Dibha says:

    i luv u deepika!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dibha says:

    I luv u deepika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. amit says:

    i love u dear

  11. anamyous says:

    hy my dear dipika.i love u from bottom of my heart.

  12. Varsha says:

    Deepika u really luk awesome……… I wish 2 meet u atleast once in my whole life time…… U look awesome wid Ranbir Kapoor…… ;)

  13. dipak says:

    kya kahu tumhare bre me dipika meri dil ke dhadkan me ritu meri jan busi hai .tumhari eyes meri g.f ritu se bdiya nai hai sory i l my g.f. But i m ur bigest fan

  14. esther says:

    hey deepika u r my fav actress …………
    i think i m biggest fan of yours

  15. sridhar vsk says:

    i love you

  16. buji says:

    great height however not great film selection do more action films

  17. hi you are so beautiful deepik says:

    hi deepika i am your great friend i like to watch your all movie……

  18. Shah Jamal says:

    I love u , like u, admire u… You are in my heart , my favourite actress… One day i’ll surely meet u.. tc

  19. upen patel says:


    u r awesome,dashing….
    i donot love u.i will meet u as soon as posilble. bye

  20. sanjana says:


  21. sanjana says:

    deepika’s height n acting both are good.i am a great fan of yours

  22. vijay kulkarni says:

    hii deepika i luv u lotttttttttttt…. i m also konkani. kay kasa ahe….. luv u lot

  23. Rahul Sharma says:


    U r so cute toll baby

  24. diksha says:

    hi deepika i am 11years old are my favourite actress. your smile and dimple i like the most in you. And i like your height very very much.i want to do friendship with you.And at last i want to say that i also want to be like you……….
    by diksha

  25. spoorthi says:

    hey dips u r awesome..!!! luv u.!!!!!!! am crazy on u..!!!!! u rock..!!!!

  26. aadya says:

    love you

  27. raghu raj says:

    hi deepika i want to friendship with u now call me at 09914084037

  28. Nithin says:

    hey hai deepika
    you have fabulous skin tone honey hmmm do you know how many snaps I collected of yours exactly 105327 in my pam top

    any how love you
    let me hope for the best..
    by the gods grace a one chance to meet than I ll think my life ll be complete

  29. jay says:

    hi, i am 28 yrs old male, u r taller than me

  30. debjeeta says:

    i love you deeps . main alltime tumhare bare mein hi sochta hoon .i am from kolkata. your eyes makes me crazy

  31. gita says:

    her mother tongue is konkani??????? LOL

  32. Shabir says:

    They said ‘ love at first sight’ and I always laughed.,
    when I saw u I realized that they were right..

  33. Shabir Ahmad Khurram says:

    My cutika,sweetika, gorgeous, the most beutiful girl in the world…
    Luv u and I compare u with no one else in this world,
    kiun ki’ TUM HO MERI FARISHTA’..

  34. SREE says:


  35. aditya says:

    deepika u r the bueaty in my world. I LOVE U DEEPIKA & i will die 4 u my girl. why u born so early iam just 19 between u&me blody 5 years r thare but ilove u 4ever & ever untill my death

  36. sajidkhan says:

    i love you DEEPIKA agar zindagi rahe toh main tum say zarour milounga…

  37. SIMRAN says:

    Hi Deepika , your height is very good i too have a same height, but y u left ranbir??

  38. SONAL says:


  39. shanu june, 23rd 1989 says:

    Hie, Deepika I want to dateing you but mujhe lagta hai ki tum is janam main mere liye nahn bani ho but try karke dekho shayad main maan jaun . love you darling .

  40. Saloni says:

    i am 12 and i lovee u!!!!!! u r awesome! i live in syd,aus!!! biggest fan in the universe!!

  41. Nadeemgada says:

    Hi i m nadeem gada from dadheru khurd i m big fan of ur height

  42. simran says:

    deepika is most beautiful actress .she have a natural & god gifted beauty.

  43. subam says:

    I love you

  44. heena says:

    deepika,ma husband lyk your dimple…..plzzzz gv it 2 me…..:-D

  45. i am ur fan says:

    hi!sweety…..i like ur acting n i hope u n katrina kaif must be d most beatiful ladies n actresses in the world

  46. YOGENDRA says:

    i want to date with u.
    thank u

  47. adrivit says:

    i think deepika is the best actress in bollywood

  48. dyna says:

    oh u r too cute and beautyful.truly blessed with fabulous height..!!i really like u…

  49. Zeus says:

    wooooooow ur the most gorgeous nd the best beauty bollywood has ever seen


  50. KHUSHBU KHAN says:

    hey deepika /aaliyah you r too good i like you a lot people often say dat i loook like u n i do feel proud but i dont think so your movie break ke baad is just my story my lifes story my love story n i feel like thanking u guys love u you’ve given me such a nice gift
    onething more that u look good with ranbir kapoor only pls be wid him only

  51. vaibhav says:

    i just say..
    aai aisi raat hai jo bahot khushnasib hai chand teri roshni ka halka sa ek saya hai…….

  52. lucky says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii deepika its lucky.ur r a such a beoutiful girl in over the world.i m the big fan of urs.i die ur smile.ur so cute.i wnt to meet u.

  53. SAGAR says:

    hi deeps,
    u r the lovely one actress i have ever feel…may god always b with u ….i wish u hav lovely smile with……beautiful life

  54. ashna says:

    heyy h0w can u guys c0mpare deepika with priyanka????b0th r nice guys..kip ko0l,,deepika n priyanka bth r0ck……God bless u…

  55. Shrawani says:

    hi deepika i am also tall like u but not the same height a u.
    u r reall beautiful i wish i could see u

  56. Yug says:

    Hi deepika
    u r very beautiful even u r my favourite one
    ur smile is very sweet

  57. Navin says:

    Egypt Is Gift of Nile Thousand Have Dead On Your Smile……..

    My One And Only One Wish Is To See Your One Close Glimpse In Real And Also To Spend some quality time With U In A Very Cozy And Spontaneous Way…..

  58. ROUNAK says:


  59. bachu says:

    i love her too

  60. swapnil says:

    hey deepika i tell 1 thing dont stay with siddharth mally plz he is nt ur type boy plz believed me yaar

  61. swapnil says:

    i love deepika padukone height, her figure i love deepika plz accepted my propose

  62. Nagendra Prasad says:

    Hi Deepika,
    I am Nagi. I like ur acting, at the same time i like ur bueatiful smile and looks. i love you so much……..

  63. suri says:

    i want to meet you .

  64. Me2U says:

    Will U marry me?

  65. Polash says:

    hi i like your act. you look so pretty. I hope you will be the best actress in the bollywood industry.

  66. hey deeps i love you i am 8 years old says:

    love you

  67. PAWAN says:

    u r the best actress
    u have natural beauty
    i love u

  68. anmol says:

    hi deepu i love u

  69. raj says:

    u r very beautiful…i luv u so much,

  70. anmol says:

    east or west
    deepika is the best

  71. ranjodh says:

    you r nice but not beautiful then katrina

  72. anmol says:

    u r my favorite
    i love u deepika

  73. anmol says:

    hi deepika you r very beautiful
    but no better then katrina kaif

  74. nur says:

    i love uuuuu so much

  75. nisha says:

    u r sooooooooo tall.i luv ur height.

  76. jyo says:

    heyy deeps… i really love ur smile it makes my day n those dimples. love it…… u r d most gorgeous girl ive evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver seen……….go going dp.. i wish u all happinesss in d world……… ya…..

  77. madhu says:

    hy deepi happy b’day!!!

  78. jakir says:

    take careeeeeeeeee

  79. jakir says:

    love uuuuuuu

  80. jakir says:

    hey deepika i m crazy about you dear, i wanna meet u dearrr

  81. A.M says:

    U r sweet

  82. so sweet says:

    u r very beautiful even u r my favourite one
    ur smile is very sweet.

  83. ayusha says:

    hiiiiiii m ur biggggggggg fannn
    n i wont to meet u in ma future
    i lyk ur smile so much

  84. ayusha says:

    hiiiii m ur big fan
    n i lyk u vry much
    ur smile is so beutifull
    u r so cute
    in ma future i womt to meet
    u :-)

  85. simmy says:

    I’m 14, I have seen all of your films and your acting is great, your expressions, the way you talk,walk in everyway you become the charcter you set out to be and I find that amazing btw your not just cute your gorgeous and consider you as one of my role models

  86. jay says:

    dipu i love u so much…. u looks loke my girl friend kajal

  87. apsara says:

    u r good looking…… but a big diplomatic 1 aswel…

  88. sheelu shetty says:

    hey deepi dude i saw in mount college fest u are damn cute …………..yar

  89. sheelu shetty says:

    hai deepika im sheelu from banglore im a great fan of ur smile love u dude

  90. LOVE says:


  91. pooja says:

    wht can i say abt u deepika..u r so attractive..i like ur smile..pls marry 2 ranbir kapoor..u both are gergious..

  92. emon says:

    U R SO CUTE …

  93. nikita says:

    hi babes i’m a great fan of yours.

  94. radhaa says:

    you r looking like a hema malini & neetu kapoor as well & u r very cute, sobre, innocent, obivously beatiful ,my family favorite & good as compared 2 sonam kapoor

  95. prasad says:

    hi…deepika ..
    you are my first love….

  96. dania khan says:

    u have incredible beauty which looks natural on television……..i feel proud as my height is as of urs….keep it up…wanna c u more..


  97. Santosh kumar Ojha says:

    you are one in millions.

  98. Khushal says:

    Hi Deepika,

    sorry…..i cant close my eyes, when i see ur photo’s

  99. Vidushi says:

    hey deeppika !!!!!!!!!!!
    ur so hot !!!!!!!!!!

    i lik ur styl
    m ur biggest fan

  100. Prakash says:

    I am from bangalore.
    U r so beatiful.
    U have to act in kannada films also.
    Ok bye.

  101. indu says:

    hi deepu..u have a cuteee face….nd iam very happy to say that i have the same height as urs

  102. milan says:

    that is true deepika is not going to marry any off you go get a job.

  103. seher says:

    dipeeka u r awasome

  104. vansh says:

    hi deepika you are so beatiful and meri gf ap ki tarah dekete hai ap ki smile so quete i love you

  105. shruti says:

    you are really beautiful. you have gud height.its not like a Ziraff.

  106. Rohit byahut says:

    deepika i love you you are the best and only the bes actress of bollywood

  107. architha says:

    hey dips…..e’m kinda fan of urs……i dunno who’s mah fav actor…..yet i like ur height n wanna grow up to ur height as im still 14 u know…pls wish i would grow upto ur height…..pls:-)

  108. imtiaz says:

    you are stunning charming actress.

  109. milan says:

    i just wish that deepika never takes her makeup of because she is not hot or sexy.

  110. milan says:

    is deepika taller then sonam

  111. milan says:

    I think deepika is a better actress then priyanka

  112. Raj says:

    hi deepika,

    i want one date from u.thtz enough for this life…………..!u r cute……..!

  113. Raj says:

    hi deepika,

    i want one date from u.thtz enough for this life…………..!

  114. EmAamiRKhaN says:

    Yes Peeps Everyone in the Bangalore are Beautiful just like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, etc..but Deepika is half Europian and half indian (banglorean) So i can’t say she is an Banglorean but still she is cuaz she was only 11-month-old when she came to banglaore….but still i’m confused.

  115. very sexy hot says:

    u r my fav.actress u r so sexy and hot smart nice girl…….from ruby

  116. very sexy hot says:

    u r my fav.actress u r so sexy and hot smart nice girl…….

  117. very sexy hot says:


  118. money says:

    She is so beautifull. ur smile is very sweet. u r look very nice.<3

  119. gunjan says:

    hey deepika!you are one of the most stunning actresses . you act very well. keep the great work ahead. we all love u

  120. gats says:

    hiiii bt ranbir was not bad

  121. gats says:

    u rock i luv u !!!! i luv ur smile !

  122. gats says:

    hiii deepika i like u n i luv u
    i luv ur smile u r so beatiful u rocks in on shanti om ur firt film !!!!

  123. fiza says:

    hi dipeeka di iam 16 and from afghanistan and every one says me that ur look alike of dipeeka and iam so happy 4 this.

  124. u r my darling baby. says:

    hi deepika u know wat sabi kehte hain k i m jst like u yar u r so beautiful. i know tumare bahut fans hain n i m also a fan(urs) amongst them……in short i luv u i hope we’ll meet soon kabi himachal aao na fir milenge. do read my msg maine badi shiddat se likha hai.waitin 4 ur reply.

  125. fariya says:

    hi deepika your so sweet. i like u so much.

  126. suman says:

    hi dips!u r such a big pain….u used ranbir………….

  127. fariya taqdees says:

    deepika i am a big fan of yours. you are so sweet

  128. AD Khan says:

    Deepika i love you

  129. guggi says:

    she is hot

  130. naval says:

    you r cute girl.i am your biggest fan

  131. saurabh arora says:

    HI deepika i am a actor,cinematographer cum model firstly i saw u in yash raj production in greenathon i m in mumbai from march i m in love wid u in first sight nd i made my destiny to achieve u i learn acting from actors prepares mumbai ,cinematography from zima mumbai,nd i lastly saw u in ravindra natya mandir dadar on 15th of july where i m doing rehersal of a play which finally held on 16 th july chief guest was C.M ( MAH) nd i saw u wid neil u saw me for a minute but i dont meet u becoz i think u vl meet me when i m successful nd on september i m acting in a hindi film in a lead role deepika i vl meet u BECOZ U R MY LIFE

  132. Genius says:

    hai deepika, you are very beautiful and good looking. congrats deepika as you were chosen as the most beautiful women in india. i do accept are better than everyone(especially priyanka chopra).keep rocking!

  133. dharmendra says:

    Hey,i like your beauiful smile and ur dimpal. it’s so cute………………..

  134. deepikabeauty says:

    i have becom very fond ov her due 2 her amazin beauty,shez so pretty and sweet, just 2 good!!!! xx

  135. smita says:


  136. Kiran says:

    You have a pure indian looks & of course very sweet dimples. I like your chor bazaari song in LAK

  137. yogesh says:

    hi deepika

  138. Ankur says:

    Deepika, you are so tall. I lov u. You are beautiful in bikini.

  139. KIRAN says:

    deepika you r g8 i want ta be like u i m tall like u love u

  140. gourav says:

    hai deepika i am such your big fan after see love aaj kal. you looking suparb in movie. so all the best of up coming take care babe’ you!

  141. deepika u r so sweet.i am ur big fan.plz reply me at my email says:

  142. swapnil says:

    hi deepika u r just like i want my life partner

  143. gunjan says:

    hey!deepika .u r so so so beautiful and an ideal to thousand of girls like me . i love your movies. continue this great work .we love you

  144. i love you says:


  145. pradeep sharma says:

    Dear deepika
    ur so cute & beutiful i realy love u.

    your lover

    Pradeep Sharma

  146. piyush malpani says:

    dipika is talking very nice & she is smart, i like dipika only

  147. Priya says:

    Hi Deepika!!! Even i am from bangalore. bt i speak kannada. n me n my frnd r frm bangalore. n v r d biggest fans of u, as far as i no. i hav almost ceen all ur movies. n i hav a dream of meetin u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. pemtse says:

    hey deepika i amur world’s biggestttttttttttt fan.i love u soo much + ur height is spectacular
    though i’m just 12 but u r my idol!!!

  149. Robert says:

    “I want to met you”
    and i will.Coz,ek bar mai ne commitment kardiya to mai khudka v nahi sunta…

  150. khuresh says:

    ur eyes are like magnet can attract many hearts,more than ur sexious kiss or anything

  151. aks....... says:

    hi evn im as tall as u…….ppl call me i luk lyk ur sis…….u wer actualy vry gud only in CC2C….. Im akshatha rao from m’lore….

  152. sahish says:

    hi deepika,
    i am from goa. do you know konkani as it is mentioned that your mother tounge is konkani?

  153. Navya Sethi says:

    hi deepika .. how are you ..
    i am your biggest fan .
    i love u very very much .


    from navya

  154. JANNAT GOSAL says:


  155. ashish says:

    i love u.. :)

  156. change says:

    u people are all compleletly jobless.. rather than dreaming of marrying dipp why don u get sme work done

  157. anusha says:

    i am from paris & u r just the only & one beautiful girl in ze world…love ur beauty
    deepika ki glamour
    what a heigh!!

  158. Atul says:

    hi, deepu, i most like u, when i see u in shankti omshanti then i were thingking i am with u, b’coze jab ap apna hath staze se hila rahe the, that is so good & interesting, i would like to see u in my future, i love so much of our smile. from fzd

  159. kumar says:

    ur eyes are like magnet can attract many hearts,more than ur sexious kiss or anything

  160. Dinuksh says:

    Hi! Deepu I’m u r biggest fan & I love u sooooo much coz u r so beautiful ,sweet. I, m still 16 but I think I’l get achance to act with u.I, l grow tall to make me match with u. Love u.

  161. richa says:

    Hiiiiii,i like your beauiful smile

  162. richa says:

    you r cute girl.i am your biggest fan

  163. arjun says:

    u r acting is awsome
    u r expressions r nice

  164. vedika says:

    you are the cuet girl.

  165. vedika says:

    hi deepika you are so sweet. i am vedika from akola.i am just 12 years old. i have seen all your childhood photos.i am your biggest fan in the whole world.

  166. anurag saxena says:

    hi… dipika u r so sweet i lv ur smile

  167. sharanya says:

    hi i am sharanya rao from bangalore.i love u deepika

  168. nandita says:

    hii deepika..u r the most stunning actress but no better that priyanka chopra….

  169. manu sharma says:

    hi!! deepika..e’m manu frm chandigarh..i love you..very much..n i wanna marry you..

  170. Simbu says:

    I LOVE U.. i want to marry u…

  171. yasmin says:

    hi i love your new film
    om shanti om and your so cool
    so is shahrukh kahn

  172. Dhananjay kumar singh says:

    Hi deepika
    u r very beautiful even u r my favourite one
    ur smile is very sweet

  173. keerthi says:

    dips u rock u are so tall and cute but no better than prinyanka chopra she is more gorgeous and beautiful

  174. diwash says:

    deepika happy bday n live thousands of years n i a great admirer of urs n im definitely gonna meet u one day n i just want to be urs

  175. pulkit sharma says:

    hi, i am pulkit,i m just 14 year, but i like u, bse u r so sweat..and hot… i love ur smile … asnd ur dimpals….

  176. shahzeb says:

    hi deepika i am in saudia arabia im very big fan i love you

  177. Nishita Shah says:

    Dear Deepika,
    My question is how did u get sooooo tall

  178. surath says:

    u r look very nice.i love u. i like ur acting.

  179. joshy says:

    She has natural beauty. She is so beautiful.

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