Aishwarya Rai height and weight – How tall

Aishwarya Rai Height is 5 feet 7 inches / 170.18 centimeters

Aishwarya Rai normal weight is 55-57 Kgs / 121.25-125.66 lbs

Aishwarya Rai was born on  1st Nov 1973. She is a bollywood actress and former Miss World. She was doing modelling before coming to films. She came to lime light after winning the Miss World in 1994. She is often cited as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her debut movies was Tamil film Iruvar in 1997. She dated Salman Khan for few years and married Abhishek Bachchan on April 20, 2007. Aishwarya Rai is one of the leading actress in bollywood. She even acted in few south indian movies. Aishwarya Rai has good height compared to few actress. She is taller than Madhuri Dixit and Kajol who are 5 feet 5 inches tal.

16 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai height and weight – How tall”

  1. you are very beautyful and good to act.
    You eyes are so pretty and also you smile <3
    Love you. Katrina Kaif is beautyful but she is not so good at acting like you are. You are fabreules. You are the 3rd best acting actress.

    My faverite actress in bollywood are:
    – Madhuri Dixit (Divya Bharti, but she is dead :-()
    – Ashwarya Rai
    – Kajol
    – Kareena Kapoor

  2. an actress is being known for her acting and beauty
    but katrina is not a good actress as she doesen’t
    knows how to act so it is true to say:
    1.aishwariya rai bachann
    2.kareena kapoor
    3.anushka sharma
    5.sonam kapoor

  3. I am Ur very serious fan…i like Ur pair its very nice……please give Us a another world beauty,…thank u…

  4. Aish is not most beautiful in World. Perhaps Indians are not aware of Lebnon beauties, Eoropian beauties. She is nor even beautiful as Hema Malini In Bolliwood. Media raised her.

  5. Hi Aishwarya Ji, i really like u… your beauty is on the top of this world .. “at least 4 me”…. cant say… I’m ur fan.. if i get an opportunity to meet yu will surely love 2… not bcuz ur a celebrity but.. since ur MY favorite

  6. hi dear.. you are my all time favorite! Lots of new faces come in ur industry but….. 4 me ur d best

  7. dear,Aish you are very awesome at what you do, and you have inspired me to become an actress ever since i saw your movie josh, i’ve been in a couple plays hoping to become an actress like you


    lele hanie

  8. hi sweetzzz….i dono abt oters,bt fa me u r d best…u luk gud witout any mak up…muhaaaa…simply love u fa ua gud relation wit abi…may god bless u

  9. dear aish,,i realy have no comment for u,,,all world is already leaving comments for u..u r lucky in every scence,,now u must plan for ur family,,need one more aishwarya roy,,give another gift to this world.infect world is awaiting for that…juniar aish,,and juniar abhi.thanks

  10. her height full world itself bcas she has so much reach.
    health is what matters \wish her rosy health always.
    but heigt does add to appearance, and u can afford more weight also but reduces flxibility of body due to bones structure.
    i am hapy with my height but not my weight

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