Actress Anushka Shetty Height is 5 feet 10 inches / 177.80 centimeters


Anushka Shetty is a south Idian actress. She appeared in Tollywood and Kollywood film industries. She debuted in telugu film Super, and her tamil debut was Rendu with R. Madhavan. Anushka did her schooling and college in Bangalore. She was born in Mangalore, and her mother tongue is tulu. Anushka got her graduation in the Bachelor of Computer Application’s from Mount Carmel college of Bangalore University.

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  1. kasukurthi raja says:

    anushka shetty is acting is simply perfemence very goog acter

    i an full face,
    yet more pictures acting in cinema

    best of luack.


  2. Prasad says:

    Anu one thing i forgotten to tell, please dont wear too short dress and please dont expose, you are very beautiful so no need to expose, and please act in kannada movie also. sorry for comments on your dress, i am your fan yar, i thought i have that right to talk.

  3. Prasad says:

    Anushka you are very cute,you are looks like an angel, all the best for your future. bye

  4. vickky says:

    if i would have been a girl… i would have turned to be a lesbian after seeing her

  5. ABHISHEK says:

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  6. Kannan says:

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  8. sharath says:

    i love anushka and iwant to marry her

  9. siri says:

    i am a big fan of you anushka
    you are choo sweet

  10. jesmin says:

    Dearest Anushka …..i like u and love u so much.i love all the film but Arundathi is heart touch ,u went high in that roll,one of the best film.i never miss ur films.ALL the very BEST for u Dear Anushka…

  11. hi says:

    hi i like u r movies very much that u all so i love u Anuchka Shetty ok

  12. abhi says:

    i like anushka very much i like her in Arundhati movie very much she is fabulous ,fantastic,very cute her performance is applauded in naanna movie.i like u very much my favourite anushka

  13. fana says:


  14. sahithi priya says:

    i like anushka very much i like her in singham n in naanna movie very much she is fabulous ,fantastic,very cute her performance is applauded in naanna movie.i like u very much my favourite anushka

  15. Balachandar Anushka says:

    Wish you advands happy birth day

  16. Balachandar Anushka says:

    I collecting to your bio data and images

  17. Balachandar Anushka says:

    I Want to connect for your friendship

  18. Balachandar Anushka says:

    Anushka u r my HEART

  19. Balachandar Anushka says:

    Anush I LOVE YOU

  20. Balachandar says:

    Anushka is my dream girl

  21. saru says:


  22. saru says:

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  25. Nani says:

    What a structure.. Hi anushka u have a beautiful face and perfect figure..every girl jealus about u…

  26. Nag... says:

    Hi anushka. I am die hard fan of u.. Ur most beatiful and great actress. Ur a bollywod range actress u have a great personality.. to be frank no one have such perfect personality in a south film industry except u..

  27. hari says:

    your so sexy


    Anu I am your great greater greatest fan I like your tallness of 177.80 because i am 185.0
    Hey anu don’t wear the dresses like as you wear in billa please idu nimma kannadigana korike please be as jejamma and act in kannada also ok. Bye the bye i am TIPPU 3rd SEM BE CIVIL Dr.AIT BANGALORE

  29. ki says:

    good talented girl and i realy proud because she is kannadti and queen in tollywood

  30. ki says:

    good talented and friendly and iam very proud because she is kannadati so she is angel

  31. radhish says:

    I kiss u anushka

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  33. Sanju says:

    You are so beautiful but you are shorter than me

  34. ali says:

    nee puku which color

  35. ali says:

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  36. affu says:

    hai anushaka iam ur big fan

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  37. saranya says:

    ur sooooooooooo much cute enough i love u soooooooo much

  38. manoj shetty says:

    erna mokeda brother anpina vishaya nenepud devonle…pls onji sari ernottug patheruna aase undu..yanna num 9900903637. Waitng 4 u akka..!

  39. paruthiveeran says:

    anushka.i like you?

  40. ganesh says:

    your personalti is super i love your height

  41. santhosh says:

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  42. mush says:

    i lovu you anuu…wana meet you once….

  43. vicky says:

    you’re so cute anushka

  44. JAHNAVI says:


  45. anu says:

    anushka i love u dear

  46. Ashok says:

    sexy bomb of southindian industry…

  47. Niranjan says:

    I love Anushka.

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  51. suryanarayan rout says:

    i love your beautiful figure so that you are my favourite south indian actress than others.I LOVE YOU SSSSSSSSSSSSSSO MUCH WITH MY HEART.

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  56. surya says:

    Mac advance birthday wishes (07.11.2012)

  57. surya says:

    Mac mam advance birthday wishes (07.11.2012)

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  59. n.seshagirirao says:

    hai! nagavallihow are you i think your so busy inmovies of both in telugu andtamil movies wish you all the best infuture projects.

  60. seshu says:

    hai nagavallihow are you i think your so busy inmovies of both in telugu andtamil movies wish you all the best infuture projects.

  61. dhilip kumar says:

    god’s gift is anuskha.

  62. aparna says:

    hi anushka shetty i love you soo much

  63. raja says:

    really u look pretty and i love u so much

  64. harsha says:

    hai anushka mam,
    i like your height,your hair and also your acting in arundhathi.

  65. ThareaAnna says:

    ur awesome

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  68. Alwish lingston says:

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    super figure…

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  71. sanjayram says:

    i Love her so much, i wanna marry her(it’s true if she is ok with that)… i am software engineer

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    how are you baby .

  73. shiva says:

    she going to rock

  74. short ray says:

    anushka you are superb . i am a big fan of you . you are really tall. did she grow tall by exercicing or by herself is she tall? anybody answer me about this tall beauty , please .

  75. santosh says:

    beautiful actress. Love u always..

  76. manju says:

    Hai madem Iam big fane fare you

  77. praveen kumar says:

    Such a sexy women in this world so excelent

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    Anushka is the perfect mate for me. I would like to enjoy with her in a lonely island near carribean for a week.

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  83. shanthan reddy says:

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  84. shanthan reddy says:

    hey hi i like u veeery much

  85. Karna says:

    …I think she is the only actress now a days who is showing variations in the roles:)…… And i no need to say that she is pretty:)……

  86. sridhar says:

    I love U darling

  87. sravanth says:

    hai anushka
    i am your fun
    i love u
    you are looking good and smile good

  88. Karthik says:

    I would like to marry her

  89. i think she is so pretty and awesome looking says:

    myself anoop, i am from kerala , anushka is the most good looking girl that i have ever seen in my life, specially she is very much different from others.

  90. star says:

    Hai Anu ur really a gift to southindia i have never scene u being arrogant love u darling

  91. Harish kumar says:

    i love you so much
    ninnu okasari chudali

  92. I LOVE YOU says:


  93. jancy says:

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  94. Amal says:

    Anushka is a great actress… My prayings are always with her.

  95. Saibal says:

    Hi anushka i m ur very big fan….i hav seen many movies of urs…ur look is awasome…i want only ur type of girl….if u hav den give this no 9738136850

  96. indu says:

    absolutely stunning

  97. nandhini 6-f says:

    anushka is the best actress

  98. ajay says:

    sexy girl and i love her

  99. ganesh says:

    this is mani from bangalore even iam studying b.c.a iam a big fan you and my frd called ganesh loves you a lot ……..he never miss to watch ur movie

  100. sikey says:

    u r hot iluv u plz marry me

  101. satish says:

    .she is the most awesome girl…………….

  102. niveditha says:

    hiii u r so preety and sexy

  103. ARAVIND says:

    iam &my friend venky is big fan of u

  104. ARAVIND says:

    iam big fan of uand amy friend venkyalso u rfan

  105. Rajesh says:

    She is really Sexy actress in the telegu industry …. pulpy really and Hot ….

  106. dani says:

    Anushka i am ur bigggggggggg fan of u.

    i love u so much……

  107. Rajesh says:

    Anuksha u beauty babe….

  108. Rajesh says:

    She is very sexy lady …really gud looking on the movie “okka magadu” that too wearing sliver top less ….very sexy really….
    she has great body and awesom height 5.9 F……

  109. gopi says:

    i love u soo much

  110. ddpd says:

    hey sweety u r so coolll in telugu billa and so patriotism in arrunthathi

  111. Ram says:

    I Love you Anushka. You are really beautiful and awesome……….

  112. Sumit says:

    U r looking so pretty nd i like ur acting…………..


  113. viki says:

    sexy cool

  114. viki says:


  115. mari says:

    anushka is a good actress bt she z too height that iz the weak point of anushka bt i love anushka

  116. aravind says:

    Hi Dear, you look too good…………. I did see you for the first time in the tollywood 20:20 match which was relayed on the Television. I was impressed by your appearance and body language. You are beautiful. I was more impressed when i came to know UR a kannadiga. do mail me when ur in blore hope we meet. All the best……. God bless. love You, Aravind.

  117. MIHRAJ says:

    Most hearty romantic girl in india

  118. pavi says:

    learn tamil soon

  119. Srini says:

    Really gourgeous and pretty looking actress after madhu bala in Hindi. My goodness she is so tall that i may even not reach to her shoulder height. Awesome, Great

  120. Ajay says:

    Looks so beautiful

  121. raj says:


  122. abigail says:

    i think she is very pretty and very good looking……….

  123. Rama says:

    I LOVE U!!!

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