Aamir Khan height is 5 feet 5 inches / 165.10 centimeters

Aamir Khan normal weight is 72 – 74 kgs / 158.73 – 163.14 lbs

Aamir Khan was born on 14th May 1965. His birth name is Aamir Hussain Khan. He is an Indian film actor, producer and director. His initail successful movies are Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Raja Hindustani,  etc. Aamir Khan is relatively short in height but very talented actor in bollywood. He is one among the king khans who are ruling bollywood film industry. He is shorter compared to Abhishek Bachchan , Shahrukh Khan but still a great actor and director…!!

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140 Responses to Aamir Khan height and weight – How tall

  1. Pradeep Kumar says:

    aamir sir for me u r the legand of the centuary…. U r the best idol for youth at present time.
    I want to be the successfull actor like u……

  2. Pradeep Kumar says:

    aamir sir for me u r the legand of the centuary…. U r the best idel for youth at present time.

  3. faizan saifi says:

    yar amir bhai tum bde kabil insan ho . apki soch b mere jaisi h . jaise m s

  4. Arijit says:

    Carry on Aamirda, 1 picture once in a year & superhit. That’s nice. Make another picture equally entertaining with 3 idiots.

  5. Mohib says:

    Hello Amir

    This is Mohib from Afghanistan, i would like to say that i am one of your fans, and i realy like and apretiate your movies, if u would please tell me that when is your plan for coming to afghanistan, becouse afghans are waiting for you..

  6. zaheer khan says:

    amer khan i love you so much

  7. phyna says:

    I love Aamir and his films so much esp. Ghajini 2008. I’m Cambodian. Now I can find Ghajini VCD. Thanks God!.
    If I could go to India, I wish I could meet Aamir Khan once in my life.

  8. arbaz leon says:

    hi Aamir your so nice i love you

  9. farook says:

    hai ameer am also ur height

  10. madhap from usa says:

    hi amir brother!u r the best actor. i like ur every movie.and also urs n mine height is same 5.5inch…..this not that much shoter height

  11. Rohit jatu says:


  12. Tokir says:

    Amir se accha actor me9627823625

  13. Harshal says:

    Aamir i m always try 2 change my look and it works and i m satisfied really but i m always think about my hight coz i m 5.5″ actully but then i look u in front of me and i stop my thinking

  14. Rashid khan says:

    9760955541 9760955542

  15. Rashid khan says:

    Amir bhai tum mere sabse acche actor mujhe appki ghajini movie bhut aacchi lagi.me bhi actor banna chhata hu plz call me me aap hi k jasa dekta hu.9760955540

  16. tanmay says:

    wow all are your friend…. its your magic bro

  17. Kanchon Das says:

    You are the best actor not in India but also in the world. (I LIKE YOU)
    My Favorite Actor only you.

  18. samarth says:

    hi amir u r very sweet & your body is best

  19. sudip says:

    amir is the living legend in the hindi film industry……….he is just above to all comparision

  20. Anand says:

    Hi…….! Aamir. I want 2 meet u. Can u give me ur appointment?

  21. kanti says:

    u r god
    that’s all u r god 4 me

  22. vishal says:

    i luv everything about u…

  23. hadi says:

    i wish that i were you …

  24. partha says:

    aamir sir,u r the best…………………..

  25. john says:

    HI IAM A HUGE FAN OF YOU because your films are according to every persons wish

  26. Sameer Prasad says:

    hi Aamir this is my dream to talk to you and want to have dinner with you.

  27. rupeshrajput says:

    hi ,,,,,,, amir khan ,,
    phchana , me yaar tere bachpan ka yaar ,,,,,
    rupesh rajput ,,,,,,,,
    chal me next manth mumbai aa rha hu ,,,
    to air port lene a jana ,,,,
    aur sub thik he na ….
    next movie kab la rha he ,,,,,
    me har film dekhta hu tere tu dar mat ,,,,,,,
    har film hit hoge tere ,
    bas apne dosto ko mat bhul;
    ab time nhi he mere pas to kal mere ko javab dena aur mere mo. me try karna thik he na 9806640336

  28. KAUSHAL THAKUR says:


  29. pallavi says:

    hie i really like urs all pictures i m urs fan i really like u and kiran rao god bless u get all success bye take care

  30. pallavi says:

    hie i teally like urs all pictures i m urs fan i really like u and kiran rao god bless u get all success bye take care

  31. khan Muhammad says:

    Aamir khan u think different,and i like that….u are best

  32. Nisruti says:

    hii Amir bhaiya,
    How are you? Excellent director, Excellent producer with outstanding actor.
    Really I like you and your mindblowing movies.
    I feel proud that my roll no. is ’14′ and you also born on ’14′ march.

  33. Nisruti says:

    hii amir bhaiya,
    Excellent director, Excellent producer with Outstanding actor. Really I like you & your mindblowing movies.

  34. Danish Badar says:

    Hiii Amir,
    Dunya me tumhe Fan kam na milenge, Humsa miljayega per hum Na Mileng…

  35. raghu says:

    love you….Aamir khan he is a great acotr

  36. raghu says:

    haiiiiiiiii Aamir khan i am like your hight but iam big fan of you………i love you…….

  37. BINDU says:


  38. umair says:

    heyyyyyyy love u amir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rply me

  39. Amiya says:

    Aamir Khan’s my favorite actor. My dad promised me that I ould get to meet him before i turn 16 next year.

  40. Dani says:

    I hope that you’re happy, Aamir!!!
    Although your play always makes me cry…;)

  41. parveen bimal says:

    hi amir

  42. may god bless you says:


  43. Pranay Vatsal says:

    Hello aamir sir,
    U r the best among the other khan’s in the bollywood.
    u r too handsome to compare you from others.
    and there is one similarity between U and me,
    That our birthday falls on the same date ie 14 may.
    I was born on 14 may 1994.

  44. Sugitha says:

    I’m that tall and I’m in 7th Grade( also I’m a girl)

  45. Aariz khan says:

    i am one of the biggest and great fane of you in pakistan,punjab,Lahore so i would like to humble request plz come once time in pakistan specially in lahore for me because this is my daydream and always in nightdreams plz plz plz when you wil be come in pakistan waitins with intenstively.!

  46. khadar khan says:

    hi Aamir you are best in bollywood

  47. rahul from ghaziabad says:

    u r the best.

  48. rahul from ghaziabad says:

    hi amir, u r the best actor, your movies really touch in heart

  49. i want to givea suggestion/request says:


  50. GUDDU RAJPUT says:

    hello, amir g kabhi Bihar bhi aaya karo.ham tumhare fan hai.THANKS

  51. nithya says:

    hai aamir kutti!i like you very much.i am waiting for your next film.keep smiling always.do something best.when you will be free come to my house.i will be waiting for you.come soon dear….,

  52. p sumit kumar dora says:

    i want to do a picture with u plz give me a chance. i am also good actor. i luv ur performance in acting……

  53. ARMANI says:


  54. Adarsh ranjan says:

    hey!Amir i m ur great fan.i like every body to be like u.

  55. shirin says:

    u r great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. ravish says:

    aamir sir u always rocks.!!!

  57. vicky says:

    hey amir u and salman are my fav…… and i can do anything to meet u both…

  58. h.m.sajib says:

    hey amir khan you are my idol.i want to be like you in my country bangladesh.i love you.ummmmmmah.

  59. Pradeep Singh says:

    hi Aamir apka jawab nai hai

  60. sandeep sutar says:

    hi .
    u r gretest kingkhan u r king of boolywood

  61. Zulfequar says:

    Hi, Aamir bhai salam. You are one the greatest actor in bollywood. No comparioson with you Sire………………

  62. javed says:

    my name is javed from pakistan right now i m studying in china,i love you amir khan

  63. S.PENJOR says:

    amir khan you are just… great man…. very talented man… yeah! you are the one who rules the industry man keep it up.

  64. Chandan says:

    Hi Amir i like ur style n ur really a good actor.i m a fan of urs

  65. sunny sharma says:

    Amir i am big fan of you every movie your watching in ten-ten time but my most of most favourate film is jo geta wahi sikander i am 20eyer old i am become actor as like you

  66. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    hi amir best of luck.

  67. malarkannan says:

    u r a strong potential manner,i would like to ur body fiteness.i lovely so much for u brother.

  68. VIKAS says:


  69. piyush sharma says:

    big thing comes in small pakages

    dekhan mai chota lagai par chot karai gambhir
    wo hai Aamir

  70. irshad ahmed says:

    hi amir khan

  71. master-kaustav rath says:

    world ka coolest admi kon hai mr aamir khan

  72. master-kaustav rath says:

    hey aamir bhaiya i am a boy suno kabhi to hamara ghar ko aao hamara ghar ka address hai b2/118 pokhariput bhubaneswar orissa india okie and i am your very very big fan okie you have a orkut now you have a orkut so plzz plzzz plzz add me your frnd okie byee and yooo

  73. Yogesh says:

    Have you watched FANAA ? See the last scene with Kajol pointing guns at each other. See Amir’s sentiments. His face speaks everything. Anger and Love can be easily seen on his face simultaneously. That’s why Amir is great.

  74. suvendra says:

    you are great actor in india

  75. Naseem hussain says:

    hello Amir bhai i m your big fan.. in the world. Amir you are the heart of India so please be continued with a fresh energy from jaipur..

  76. Naseem says:

    hello Amir bhai i m your big fan.. in the world.. i love you Amir bhai……

  77. Irfan pathan says:

    Amir bhai tussi great hoo.. im your bid fan,,

  78. Naseem hussain says:

    hello amir…
    i m your big frieand . amir movie’s 3iditos is birliant movie’s thants my fevroute movie Amir bhai tussi great hooo.. i miss you Amir..

  79. ram gopal says:

    aamir ji, you are best actor for me.
    you are a big brother for me.
    i like your’s laughing stile and acting.

  80. samarth says:

    u r the best person on land u r the best. i m only 13 but a big fan of yours….

  81. Arnab says:

    Hard Working is ur key 2 success. Keep it up

  82. Bharat Sahu says:

    I hurtley like to amir khan because they give us more knowledge by his movies.

  83. ashish says:

    hii aamir sir how r u. my hieght is 5.5 same as u so, what “ALL BIG THING IS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES. AND i wanted to say that i wanted to see u in movie like
    software engineer. pllllllllzzzzzzzzz.

  84. Mohammed Habeeb says:

    fantastic actor u r. . .. genuine actor.all is well take care……..don’t forget like ghajini i’m ur great fan!

  85. Mohammed Habeeb says:

    hi amir,fantastic actor u r. . .. genuine actor.all is well take care……..don’t forget like ghajini i’m ur great fan!

  86. hiiii I love love love amir,once i a chance to poto vt u its possible my e-maile id is sana_praveenkumar@yahoo.in says:

    hiiii I love love love amir,once i me a chance to poto vt u its possible sir i am egearly waiting since 20 years my e-maile id is sana_praveenkumar@yahoo.in

  87. mritryunjay says:

    hi aamir, i m ur die heart fan

  88. farooq says:

    shaikfarook10@yahoo.com we r same height

  89. raj kumar says:

    hi amir

  90. Puvan says:

    Dear Aamir ji ..
    I just can say I really like/love so much …
    You really great human being …

  91. akiv says:

    miya u r awesme yar!!

  92. babli says:

    hi aamir
    ur the ultimate

  93. babli says:

    hi aamir ur the ultimate

  94. rafsi says:

    hi Aamir,i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much………….my wish is to c u direct once in a life time.i know it is not possible.

  95. hi aamir,i love uuuuuuuuu very much........... says:


  96. Azam Ali says:


  97. alkasah34@gmail.com says:

    hi amir bhaiya i am realy very much like u. you just seems like there is a conection with you like icant express aisa LAGTA HAI KI SACH MEIN AAP HAMAREY FAMILY MEIN SE HO I DONT HAVE MY OWN BROTHER BUT I WANT KASH AAP MEREY BADEY BHAIYA HOTEY AAP KE ANDAR WOH SARI QUALITY HAI JO EK BADEY BHAI MEIN HONI CHAHIYE

  98. asadujjaman,Banladesh says:

    Aamir Bhiya,Both your direction and acting is unmatch and uncommon,so i like & love you very much.

  99. kunl says:

    hi ammir you rock. keep it going gods with you. cheers from newzealand. take care.

  100. rahul says:

    aamir is a guy who teach us that look and physique dont matter is your talent.he is my icon luv u aamir

  101. PRASHANT says:


  102. Faraz khan says:

    hi idiot love u so much

  103. Nitin says:

    Hi, Amir you are the heart of India so please be continued with a fresh energy from Jaipur.

  104. Hetal says:

    Amir, you are the best creative actor in the bollywood and I think now in Hollywood as well.

  105. bhargav says:

    hiiiiii amir you r super cool
    you r real king khan of bollywoog

  106. moonmoon says:

    i like you 3idiot movie.

  107. Manoj says:

    hi Mr.Khan
    u r my favorite actor.i am just a great fan yaar.

  108. Nibedita says:

    hi amir.
    u hv a great personality,i am one of ur fans.just do more than 1 movie in a year.

  109. Naveen Mandya says:

    hi Aamir i am a big fan to u, i like your perfection and new innovation.

  110. MD Salahiddin says:

    Hi Aamir Khan, my family is your big fan and my pat name is Aamir, once i like to meet you. How can it posible, tell me, my email add:msalahuddin19@gmail.com

  111. MD Salahiddin says:

    Hi Aamir Khan, once i like to meet you. How can it posible, tell me.

  112. ashish says:

    hi amir sir u r very swite and one of the khan in flim industry

  113. sumitra says:

    u make film 1 film in one year
    butmits always teh best

  114. sumitra says:

    u make 1 film in one year but thats more than enough coz it is always the best….

  115. naaz says:

    i love you so much so this year i’m going to india because of you i love you and your wife

  116. suresh says:

    u really the superb actor in bollywood… im from nepal so i wish if u come here in our country 4 the naturally as well commanding locations in ur upcomming movies.im cristal fan of u..

  117. hiiiiii im a biggest fan of u says:

    pankajsinghal from karauli

  118. hiiiiii im a biggest fan of u says:


  119. chetan is big fan of aamir says:

    hi amir. I am ur big fane in the world. no one like u. ur such a wonerfurl. inteligent person, deshbakht too. I want to meet u once in my life. i will always remember u.

    chetan3612@gmail.com will be waiting for ur response

  120. GAUTAM KUMAR says:


  121. Ratnesh maurya says:

    in the world any one tells that line to god : oh, god i am small but give me more power . as like u aamir khan ..

    hi this is your friend.

    Ratnesh ..

  122. mohd. shamim says:

    but my ege 19
    Hey i m big fan of aamir khan. He is my guru. Love you aamir khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
    my ID mohdshamim5@gmail.com

  123. khan says:

    from pakistan its my id khan_3528@yahoo.com will b waiting 4 ur response

  124. khan says:

    i m a big fane of u

  125. hey amir u r lazy u r nt working u make film 1 film in one year says:

    u lazy fellow

  126. krunal says:

    i aamir m not doing height exe coz ma height is same like u

  127. Husnain says:

    i love Amir khan,,,
    Amir all tha best

  128. kriz says:

    aamir ur the best not only in india but alo in sri lanka.as a sri lankan i love u

  129. Anas says:

    Hi Amir Tum Bahot g Ggggggggg Gr8 ho………….

  130. AHSAN ALI KHAN says:


  131. haaaaaaaaaaai aamir khaaaaaaaaan i want to act with u in one film.i am a good actor too says:


  132. Ajay arya says:

    Hey i m big fan of aamir khan. He is my guru. Love you aamir

  133. Bhuvan says:

    I m inspired by Amir khan coz,i have short hight like amir khan but,have’t personality like him.Hight does’t matter if u have tallent he is a great Actor in the Bollybood.

  134. amit kumar says:

    hi Aamir u r grt. i rly found of u

  135. rajesh says:

    East or west….
    Aamir is the best!!!!

  136. SALIM MEMON says:


  137. veras says:

    Dear Aamir, I am in love with you.Kiss.


  138. paresh.sarang@gmail.com says:


  139. Durjay says:

    I think you are the best actor not in india but also in the world.

  140. Raj says:

    hi aamir i want to be like u

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